Ontario Land Surveyors

Genesis Land Surveying Inc. is a newly formed company taking a new and innovative step to land surveying. Our professional surveyors have years of experience specializing in residential, municipal, and provincial projects with a particular focus on public transportation networks and more.

Consultation Services

Not sure what services you require? Obtain a professional consultation from our land information professionals at no charge!

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Up-To-Date Survey Plans

Do you require a certain type of survey plan? Genesis Land Surveying Inc. has a wide variety of services available for your unique project.

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Building Permits & Applications

Genesis Land Surveying Inc. and it’s partners have all the tools and knowledge for your next building project, from survey plans to applications your one stop shop is here!

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Property Survey (SRPR)

A surveyors real property report (SRPR) is an up to date plan of survey showing the location of the property lines, dimensions and setbacks of various buildings and structures. This type of plan also illustrates the location of any registered easements on the subject and adjoining properties. An SRP... Learn More

Topographic survey

Topographic surveys show physical features and grade point elevations within a property and are used by architects, engineers and planners for design purposes and new construction developments. The plan will illustrate features such as tress, grade points, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, catch... Learn More

Underground Utility Survey

Underground utility surveying is the process of mapping subsurface utilities. Using subsurface mapping technology such as Electro-Magnetic Scanning, Ground Penetration Radar, CCTV Inspection and other procedures, accurate and reliable underground utility information can be obtained without the need ... Learn More

ALTA Survey

An ALTA Survey can be compared to a combined full boundary and topographic survey along with all planning data. Specifically, an ALTA survey will meet all national standards developed by ALTA/ACSM. Comparable to an SRPR, ALTA surveys show everything within five feet of the boundary lines including f... Learn More

Rentable Area Survey

A rentable area survey will certify the total square footage that can be leased. A Rentable Area survey is based on measured lengths and areas of the floor space for leasing purposes and is used to assist with rental calculations orproperty evaluations. This survey will be performed in accordance to... Learn More

Lot Grading & Servicing Plans

Lot Grading Plans illustrate the location of proposed new grading patterns around a new structure on a property. These plans will depict drainage patterns and if necessary new swales, retaining walls, and other features to ensure sufficient surface drainage. These plans are often required as part of... Learn More